"The woods are lovely dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, miles to go before I sleep"

Sara Bust

1/10 Miniature Bust

Height: approx. 7cm (top of head)
Concept: SANDARA
2D Illustrator: SANDARA
Price: $58 USD
Shipping: $8 USD
* Requires assembly and painting

Stories & Legends

Gripping the hem of her cloak, Sara quickly dashed across the torn and blood-soaked landscape. It was quite evident to her that the battle had turned against the dark tide and unless the queen had a trick up her sleeve, the day was going to turn out very badly for everyone.

As she darted across another fallen soldier, a dark shadow suddenly loomed up from her left and charged, screaming bloody curses at her. Without stopping to look, Sara flung the fire from her palms and the shadow exploded backwards. Charred cinders flew all around her as she frantically searched for some safe haven.

Dammit! Why did I have to lose my bodyguards, Sara thought, I am sooo screwed!

Her bodyguards were a gift from the queen. As one of the best and brightest mages of the kingdom, Sara was given a pair of “Death guards”. Unlike most of the army, which were raised and had no free will whatsoever, Death guards were the most loyal and fanatical of the queen’s honour guards. Every one a volunteer, a death guard was worth a thousand men!

Yeah, and I just wasted them on my stupid dash! Sara sighed as she ducked under a withered tree, Maybe I can just bury myself here and die…

Just as the mage thought she was finally safe, a group of about twenty knights-ragged and dirty from the fighting- managed to slowly close up and surround her. Bloody visages and gleaming blades greeted the mage as she shut her eyes in disbelief at her worsening situation.

C’mon Sara! Focus… she thought as she reached for her pouch, You can do this…just like before.

Knitting her brows in concentration, Sara crushed the fire crystals in her hand and let the mana surge into her like a tide! A mere novice would have died just from such an exertion. But not Sara, not when she had the gauntlet of fire with her. She was safe, as long as the gauntlet acted as a channel for the mana now cascading through her very being! At that moment, the knights must have realised just what had happened and tried to rush her all at once.

Big mistake! Sara thought to herself as she finally released the pent-up anger and frustration, together with the rolling waves of fire, out of her and into her assailants! The blast lit up the sky and could have been seen from miles away. Where proud men had once stood, now only burned and charred bodies remain, slowly crumbling to the scorched ground.

“That was too close!” said Sara as she opened her eyes. Now I just need to….

Without so much as a warning, Sara momentarily blacked out as a sudden cold force slammed into her, throwing her ten feet away! The sudden impact tore through her like a storm and Sara found herself grimacing in unbelievable agony. The knights were clearly just a distraction and were meant to force her to expend all her mana. Now that her fire had gone out, Sara was as vulnerable as any mere mortal.

Water mage! Sara finally realised as her senses returned to her, Just what I needed right now.

As Sara blinked the stars away from her eyes, she looked upon a lithe woman cloaked in velvet and black, floating before her. Tendrils of water circled around her, keeping her afloat and protecting her at the same time. Her eyes flashed dark blue as she gathered up her mana for another attack.

Instinctively, Sara shut her eyes again in the face of such a threat. As a child, she had always hid or ran or even cried when she was in trouble. Despite all that, her father would always be there for her afterwards. It had hit her hard when her mother mysterious left her at a young age. Her father had become the world to her then. Together, both of them would eke out a living as street performers until the day her father died. She had never had the chance to express her feelings to him, until recently when she kept having her strange dreams. In those dreams, her father had accepted her for what she was and it was all the motivation she needed to travel on the path before her.

For good or for bad, her father’s words came back to her again, I will still love you, my child!

Standing gingerly up again, Sara’s eyes flared bright red as she plucked the wandering mana from the air. As she sucked up all the energy from the surrounding aether, a vortex of fire opened up underneath her feet, channelling the energy into her body.

Taken aback by the sudden change in circumstance, the water mage quickly gathered up her own energy and prepared to release it at a moment’s notice. Despite her preparations, she did not expect her force of water to dissipate so quickly as Sara unleashed her full fury at her….

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Two miles away, the queen turned her head to look at the sudden explosion in the distance. Smiling as the glare slowly faded away, queen Emilia gave the signal for the final attack on the dwarves’ position.

This is turning out better than I had hoped, the queen mused to herself, For good or for bad, this will be just the beginning my child…