"Stop complaining. You can rest when you're dead. Or maybe not..."


1/10 Miniature Bust

Description: 4 resin parts for assembly and painting.
Height: approx. 8cm (top of head)
Concept: RICO CHIA
Price: $48 USD
Shipping: $8 USD Worldwide Shipping
* Requires assembly and painting
* Does not include base.

Stories & Legends

The mists cleared as a thousand banners fluttered in the early morning light, each bearing metal and steel and cold, hard sweat.

As the night slowly but steadily crept away like a thief discovered in the act, so too the growing mass of putrescence steadily gained purchase where once the cloak of night dominated. Where life had once begun to grow vibrant on the hill, it now withered and died as rotted limbs and failing flesh touched and turned it into one of its own. And in the midst of this inimical power sat a single, solitary figure-with tendrils of shadows flickering about like tongues of black fire- on a brass throne of bones.

"Is everything in place General?"

"Yes my queen." a deep baritone voice replied from behind the throne. "It is going according to plan."

"Good…get my sickle." The queen paused as she stood up and surveyed the scene before her. "I want to have first blood from the brave souls before me!"

"But my queen…" The general started to form a retort but froze as fiery, black eyes stared back at him! It was one thing to try and defy the power of a bone lord but another thing to physically stand in the presence of such raw power and hate. If not for the fact that the general was one of Emilia's closest confidant and most loyal subject, he would have been burned alive by the black flame by now. Wulfen or not, nothing would survive Emilia's embrace.

As if sensing his fear and hesitancy, Emilia's eyes lightened and considered the situation. Her general was right to be cautious. Ever since awakening from her deep slumber, Emilia had been gathering souls to feed her power and vitality. But however many souls she fed, she had to consume them steadily to avoid being overwhelmed by the sudden surge of life. Imperturbable as she was now, she could not risk that fate.

"You're right again my friend. Let your honour guard accompany me then."

The general bowed low and said "Thank you, my queen. It is an honour for my wolf guard to run alongside with you."

With that, Emilia quickly unfurled her crimson cloak to reveal her bronze cuirass. Framed by a shoulder guard made of an orc's skull, the queen's feline form verberated unnatural grace and precision. Her small band of undead soldiers stood ready, acting on her next command.

"How many troops do you think are amassed against us General?" the queen smiled as she asked her feral champion.

"All of them I believe"

"Good! Let that bastard Ungore and that damned Bromir come! They will burn on this plain today!"

The winds howled as Emilia flashed forward like a whirling dervish-wild, silver hair fluttering in the harsh morning light- as screams of dogs and men closed in on the gathering horde.


- Gareth The Bard