So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending!

Ancient Oath Bundle

- Includes both Zorgar & Igin Busts -

Price: $108 USD

Worldwide Shipping: $16 USD

*Shipping on 27th August

*Requires assembly and painting



1/10 Miniature Bust ( 120mm from eye )

Description: 7 resin parts for assembly and painting.

Concept: Rico Chia

Sculptor: Leonardo Escovar Quintero

Price: $68 USD

Shipping: $8 USD Worldwide Shipping



1/10 Miniature Bust ( 80mm from eye )

Description: 4 resin parts for assembly and painting.

Boxart Painter: Eduardo Fernandez Rodriguez

Concept: Rico Chia

Sculptor: Przemysław Szymczyk

Price: $48 USD

Shipping: $8 USD