"But from my grave across my brow plays no wind of healing now, and fire and ice within me fight beneath the suffocating night."


1/10 Miniature Bust

Description: 6 resin parts for assembly and painting.
Height: approx. 12cm (top of horns)
Concept: Rico Chia
Sculptor: Pedro Fernández Ramos
Price: $58 USD
Shipping: $8 USD Worldwide Shipping
* Requires assembly and painting

Stories & Legends

The lamp flickers for a moment and suddenly goes out, plunging the cavern into utter darkness. Belerast curses as he tries desperately to light another torch. With sweat running down his brow, he fumbles and drops his tinderbox. He stops- The silence in the cavern was unnerving and not at all uncommon as caves go….but something in his gut tells him he is not alone.
As Belerast was about to reach for his blade, a white, blinding flash of eldritch light stuns him momentarily. The strange light was accompanied shortly by a crackling laughter that seemed to come from everywhere at once.
"Did you find what you were looking for?" Adaria asked quizzically, holding up the tinderbox gingerly in her hand.
"The gods curse you hell bitch!"
"My my…such foul language. It certainly does not befit you, my noble knight. What would your dear wife say?"
"Damn you!!" screamed the guardsman in anguish as memories of his slain wife came flooding back. Just days ago, she was laughing and singing in his garden, dancing with him in the bright moonlight. He had only been gone for a moment- but when he came back, he found his wife's body at the feet of her murderer. Her life seeping fast from her torn throat.
Shrugging off the painful memory, Belerast grips his blade firmly and steadies his gaze. He has only one chance at striking at Adaria before she unleashes her full power and he prays the gods protect him long enough to do so…
It was just past the witching hour when the light slowly faded from the cavern. Adaria stepped out into the darkness and welcomed it like a long lost lover. The darkness seemed to wrap itself around her supple form, drinking her in lustily.
"You were always so naive my faithless knight." Adaria laughed as she whispered to her companion.
"Now you will pay the price for betraying your wife!"
Vacant eyes devoid of everything but a soft blue flame stared back at her and nodded impatiently.
- Gareth The Bard