But my heart felt swollen, and I finally just knew. It was as obvious as if I’d known it my whole life. I was in love with a mermaid...


1/10 Miniature Bust ( 120mm from eye )

Description: 2 resin parts for assembly and painting.

Concept: Rico Chia

Sculptor: Pedro Fernandez Ramos

Boxart Painter: Sergio Calvo Rubio

Price: $58 USD

Shipping: $8 USD Worldwide Shipping


*Requires assembly and painting

Stories & Legends

Gently, I pried open the ornate shell with my knife and took out the dark pearl. The final incantation did the trick and I was now in possession of the thing that had eluded me until now. Not wanting to tarry any longer than usual, I swam out along the edge of the crater and towards the deep.

With quiet trepidation, I weaved in and out of the crenellated sea plants and greeted them as they parted for me. I have lost count of the many times I used to play amongst their roots and leaves. However, much of what I used to know have been destroyed in the wake of the upheaval- and I now do what I must to restore the sea. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to find the beast among the destruction. There it sat, feasting on the remains of my people and I suddenly felt a rush of anger swelling up inside of me. It was an old one, the first of Titan’s children and the worst of the lot as far as we were concerned. A leviathan and extremely dangerous, I had to get up close to it if I were to have any chance of defeating it. As it sat munching on something in its webbed hands, I crept up slowly behind it, trying to catch it by surprise.

As I gripped the pearl in my hand, the beast suddenly lifted its head and sniffed! How stupid I must have felt then! The beast had an excellent sense of smell and it must have caught a whiff of my scent. Frantically, I threw my knife at its eyes to try and distract it and swam to its exposed under belly. There was only one chance to do this and I could not afford to fail now. For a moment, the knife seemed to have worked its magic and i put all my energy into my fins to try and reach the beast. As I neared the bottom, I felt the sudden pull on my tail and was quickly pulled into the opposite direction. With a speed that belied its size, the leviathan had managed to catch me just as I was about to reach it and I was now helplessly caught in its giant hand. It was hopeless! No matter how much I squirmed and wriggled, I could not break free! As the beast narrowed its saucer shaped eyes and opened it fanged maws to swallow me, I forced myself to look into its mouth. Although I was going to die here, I would not give in to my fear now and give the beast the satisfaction of an easy meal.

Then just as I was about to be swallowed, something unexpected happened. A look of pain and shock came over the leviathan and it shuddered and howled! I craned my neck to see what had caused this and felt a sense of jubilation as thousands upon thousands of eels surrounded the beast. Their electrified bodies coursed with energy and strength and they were now wrapped around the beast’s legs. Normally, a few eels would have been enough to bring down a large animal or fish. However, the old one was an ancient and they do not die easy, if at all. I knew the eels’ attack was not enough to kill the beast and would only serve to enrage it further.

Seizing the opportunity that the eels have given me, I quickly swam out of the grasp of the beast and came to the dark spot on its belly. With a final cry, I pushed the pearl into its soft belly with everything ounce of strength left in my tired body and fell away. What happened next I could not recall, but when I woke up later, I found myself on the sea bed littered with the remains of what used to be the leviathan. It was a victory no less- even if most of my home was destroyed- I knew that the beast would never harm any sea creature any more.

“Naia!....Naia hear me!”

I froze and scrunched up face as my eyes glazed over. “Sister?” I replied. “Is that you?”

“Yes Naia, sorry to bother you but we have a problem”

It was highly unusual for Fade to summon me as it meant she had taken a great amount of life force and concentration to do so. “Is it Adaria again?” I asked.

“No I’m afraid not” Fade paused as if she was speaking to someone else. “It’s the darkness that has eaten the land”

“The darkness? That’s just a myth, a legend!”

”No Naia, it is real and it is here already!”

The darkness… that explains much of what was happening in the seas. The churning of the waves, the rising of the leviathans and the death of ancient creatures. What I had feared most was now taking shape and affecting all that I have sworn to protect and uphold.

“Where do you want to meet?” I asked again with a sigh.

“The old lake by the castle, tomorrow eve”

“See you soon Fade” I managed a smile and broke the link.

Gathering up whatever I had left, I headed for the nearest water tunnel to start preparations for the coming war….